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functional tonics that taste too good to be true

Topos has 3 grams of sugar, 45 calories, and 8 grams of plant fiber

**limited stock**

what customers are saying

"Delicious and tangy taste, low sugar, and stays bubbly a long time. Bubbles are very important!"

Charlie M

"Just tried the cherry, it’s really nice! Very smooth and drinkable - no issues chugging the whole thing. I don’t like drinking too much caffeine and so this would be a nice alternative to kombucha."

Jake D

"My 'healthy soda'. Wonderfully refreshing with a hint of sweetness for those of us who like soda but not all the fake sugar. Great substitute for seltzer lovers!"

Melissa S

our ingredients

We couldn’t find a tea that met our standards of healthy and great tasting, so we made our own. Combining clinically backed ingredients with familiar flavors, we’ve perfected our tonic down to the individual bubble. No grassy, bitter flavor here.

Sparkling, organic, and brewed with your digestive health in mind.

Arguably one of the best sweeteners, the agave plant contains inulin-type fructans that help support a healthy microbiome and  maintain a low glycemic index.
Green rooibos is native to South Africa and has a characteristic ‘black tea’ flavor and polyphenol-rich composition perfect for reducing oxidative stress.
Calendula flower’s deep orange petals boast anti-inflammatory compounds that taste great and soothe the stomach.
Chamomile is one of the most ancient medicinal herbs known to humankind. It’s widely recognized for its soothing properties, which is why it’s the perfect pre-bed ritual.
Best known for reducing bitterness in coffee (life tip), chicory root is the mecca of inulin, regarded as one of the highest quality sources for prebiotic fiber.
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